Houston Land Rover Club



Andy Scarth                                       Sergio & Ashley & son

Lance Sloan                                      Robert Downs

Kirby Tracy & Krisha & kids                Andy & Isela

Alice McKinny                                   Cody & Lauren & kids

Donnie  Hall                                      Jay Rogers

New and renewal Dave Lancaster D90

Possible new member Carlos Roca and son Anthony, RR SPORT

 and late arrival   Pamela Marquis RR P38


Thanks for a great turnout.

Everyone had a good meal and meeting started at 7:30.

Safety note Robert and Jay had their vehicles window smashed and articles stolen.

Please do not leave your belongings on show.  Plus there are a growing number of Gas station robberies where women are targeted and their purses stolen.  Lock your vehicle.

I still need to contact the people using Facebook HLRC and remind them to renew their membership.

It is not fair that they use club facilities without being up to date with their membership.

If anyone has expired membership please renew with Donnie.  Remember how much you are saving on Gas plus discount on parts, only with a valid card!!!

When the weather cools a little we should have a run to BVORR.  Also we need to have a Wine tour and

BBQ tour plus a beach run (my dogs need a paddle, they have never seen the sea)

After looking at a few CB radio`s in the parking lot, I purchased (this morning) the Midland 75-822 portable Inc. car kit for $99.99 with free shipping.  The same as Sergio`s.  A suggestion that a ham radio would be useful as a club unit.

I will get advice from Doug.

Plan your Calendar for the first week of November for the Hill Country rally at Hidden valley off Road Park.  Last year’s event was fantastic.

I shall be listing B & B information ASAP.

Thanks again for another great meeting

Andy Scarth