Houston Land Rover Club



Andy Scarth                        Sergio & Ashley

Lance Sloan                       Robert Downs

Kirby Tracy                         Andy & Isela

Mike Mittelbuscher with family Melody and Dan

Possible new member Carlos Roca and son Anthony

Everyone had a good meal and meeting started at 7:30.

Everyone managed to steer clear of high water and stayed safe. (Kirby and Cody tested the waters!!!) 1st topic was to welcome Carlos and his son to the meeting.  Carlos has a 2008 range rover sport and is really keen to go off road.

We are hoping to get to BVORR in an approx. 4 weeks.  Due to all the rain, the park`s condition is probably too wet to hold an event before July..  Whilst the club is not money making organization I asked Lance the status of club funds.  Reply not good.

I would like to ask all Past members and current members to check there membership status and renew their membership with Donnie please.  The AGM was a big hit to our funds.

I will be asking our Facebook users to check their membership status as well.

We discussed a quarterly get together meeting to show our skills outdoors, on Land Rover Topics and an example would be, “how to winch and correct towing techniques”.  Date and time to follow.

Due to its history I am going to see about the Dealer event after Deer Hunting season.

I we can get $1000 sponsorship and approx. $600 for equipment rental – manpower etc.

Does anyone know the going rates for external manpower and supply?  Reason is the clearing will be extremely hard due to event cancellations in the past. The trail gets overgrown fast.

Topics for events welcome and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10.   We looked at the bargain

Discovery for $950 from Barbara’s contact.  Purchased by Cody and Kirby.

It looks like a very good purchase.

Thanks again for a very good meeting.