Houston Land Rover Club

Andy Scarth
Leslie Forestier
Lance Sloan
Robert Downs
Kirby Tracy
Mike Mittelbuscher
Sergio & Ashley 
Jay Rogers
Main topic of the night was SCARR 2016 held at Gilmer 
Not knowing what to expect at the venue due to the amount of rain we had the days prior to the event
I was pleased to see the Pavilion area and entrance parking very dry.
Over the time period of the event the weather was really fantastic which was appreciated by all 
especially the campers for sure.
The facilities at the camping areas looked in good shape and again we had a fantastic Bed and Breakfast 
accommodation close by.
The food served for evening Diners were well presented and good quality included in price together with 
Tee shirts and raffle tickets for Saturday night draw.  Food truck catering provided good low-cost 
My experiment of spraying Baby oil on areas that were to see mud collections was a huge success.
A quick spray with the pressure was and a clean Rover again (do the web search on this application)
Organized trail runs were split into 4 groups.  Beginner 1 and 2, Intermediate 1 and 2.
The groups were extremely well guided.  Only on the Saturday did we have a roll over by a discovery.
Taking a too high a line down a section that was an easy decent to a more difficult decent due to erosion 
of the trail.  Nobody was hurt and very minor damage.
We collected a few more Texas pin stripes but that’s all. Kirby had a sensor issue but no other issues.
The trails had a few muddy spots but only on the hills just in the bottoms.
The Texas Rovers did a fantastic job organizing the event with good sponsorships from Land rover and 
3rdparty companies.  The Dealerships only provided money and did not make an appearance while all 
the other sponsors gave 100% commitment and really made the event the success it was.
There was only one problem issue.  Some Texas Rovers were on the trails at 3:00am and vehicles with 
excessive noisy exhaust systems (strictly not allowed)
These caused an issue with the local residents (yes there are more than you think)
Due to this, Barnwell have warned Texas Rovers they may lose the facility, also Barnwell could be closed 
as well.
Let’s hope this does not happen.
This event was truly fantastic, weather, trails condition, campgrounds, B&B
Thanks to Cody, Kirby, Scotty, Andy and a special thanks to all the wives Lauren, Krisha, Isela and Leslie 
for looking after the kids and attending with us.
We should have a Club only event at Barnwell later in the year.  I am sure we could all get together at 
the B&B facility including having camping there.  There is lake for fishing and campfire and grill.