Houston Land Rover Club

Andy Scarth (Pres), Kirkby Tracy (Vice Pres), Cody (Events), Lance Sloan (treasurer), 
Andy and Isela Truong, Robert Downs, Sergio and Ashli, wives and kids.
Apologies Donnie and Barbara (close)
Thanks again for all who attended (our stalwart regulars)
To say that our club is family friendly is an understatement.  We had over 5 youngster totally enjoying 
themselves during the night (there could have been more, but they were all whizzing around it was hard 
to count).  We still managed to get the meeting done. 
We had a potential new member with a Range Rover Sport Mike.  He was impressed with proceedings.  
First item was to thank Kirby for last month’s meeting and again to thank Lance for AGM.  
The main topic of discussion was Scarr and who is attending.  Looks like Me and Leslie in our Range  
Rover, Kirby in his Discovery, Cody in his discovery with backup from his wife in the LR3. Also, Andy and Isela in their Discovery.
We will try to meet in a group and head up in a convoy, if that is not possible then we will all take the 
same route so to catch any problems.  The weather is looking favorable but one downpour will change
If you would like to join us you are more than welcome. I am at a B & B While the rest are camping. Martini`s will be served during the evenings.
The other main Topic was Sergio`s trip to Colorado.  This looks as ever, very tempting.  I asked Leslie at  
home if she would like to drive some of the passes and I had a very positive no way!  
I will be getting as much info as possible from web sites for accommodation and asking Sergio as much 
as I can on the trails.  Danny who now lives in Colorado has replied to us and will be offering help as  
Rene we are still interested in a BBQ at your Marina. Plus we can have a play weekend at Brazos valley 
Good food and drinks had by all, meeting adjourned at 8:10 continued in parking lot kicking tires.
Thanks Andy Scarth