Houston Land Rover Club


Sergio and Ashli Sosa, Walter Light, Robert Downs, Kirby Tracy, Cody DeHart, Donnie Hall, prospective member Philip Roelants

Meeting Notes:

Last years president, Sergio led the meeting since our Pres and VP were out.   He was perfect because he was able to tell the story of the trip to Ouray, Colorado.   Sergio, Cody, Kirby, Don Schlattman and their respective families just got back from a 5 day trip.   The stories were good, they had a great time with minimal breakdowns.   Ashli promised a better write-up and i'll post it here as soon as I get it.

Upcoming Events:

We decided it's time for that BBQ and Winery tour trip we've been talking about.  Stay tuned for that info and if you can help set it up in any way be sure to contact us and pass on what you know.


Your temporary secretary this month,

Donnie Hall

Membership Coordinator