Houston Land Rover Club

Andy Scarth
Eric Ruysenaars
Lance Sloan
Sergio Sosa
Robert Downs
Cody Dehart
Kirby Tracey
Steve McDonald
Dan Goshorn
Carson Bryant
Jerry Krogel

Great attendance, for such a cold evening.

Welcome to two new members:

  • Jerry Krogel, owner of 2 Land Rovers. A Series III LWB 109 Ex Military and a very nice 110 Defender
  • Carson Bryant, he has a discovery, which is well kitted out. Most members know that Carson was a top salesman for LR Central Store. Nice to have him in the fold.

Let’s get to see these new member vehicles and pictures on the web site under the Members tab, get your login and password details from Donnie.

The 2015 Houston Marathon still requires volunteers. Go to website to register.


HLRC Group is located on SECTION 6 Mile 21 or turn up on the day if you can only do a few hours. You will get a Crew volunteer tee shirt if you register. Contact Donnie and Elizabeth for more details.

This is a great event.

A bring and buy sale was suggested to sell or trade your surplus Land Rover gear. Date TBA.

A skeet shoot is on the horizon as well, we cannot drive to a grouse or Pheasant shoot as our vehicles were design for, but we can go to a local range. Date and time TBA. Can we have names and numbers of interested members and who has shotguns to use or loan.

Cody is up for the challenge of an A to B trail find and run. Look out for emails regarding this adventure.

Snorkels, swimming trunks optional !!!!

Cody, Kirby and Carson are on the list already. Looking forward to there video`s

The AGM 7th Feb next month (see HLRC web and site link) Donations for Raffle and door prizes are welcome.


Lance is looking after tickets for raffle.

Thanks again for the great turnout check your emails for events etc.

Andy Scarth , Vice Pres, Assistant Sec.