Houston Land Rover Club


Andy Scarth
Donnie Hall
Eric Ruysenaars
Lance Sloan
Sergio Sosa
Robert Downs
Cody DeHart
Kirby Tracy
Doug Aitken 

Meeting Minutes:

  • The Brazos Valley trip was discussed again with Cody`s drive shaft issues of breakages but now happily fixed
  • Kirby gave a good account with Doug on the Overland Expo in Ashville N.C, with cold camping in the region of 39 -40 deg, lots of opportunities to spend lots of money.  Doug wants us to consider another trip with Arizona LRC the week before next year’s Expo. There was an interesting story on winching.  Pulling a vehicle up a hill by one person using pulleys and no motors.
  • Robert brought a box of goodies to give away, including 2 cans of de-icer (I bagged those, memories of Cold Yorkshire mornings), hand wipes and other assortments.
  • We will not have a December meeting, AGM is planned for February.

Side note:

Landrover Central has up to 15 months waiting list on certain models.

Coming up:

Is anyone interested in a Hidden Falls outing, combining B&B , Camping or bunkhouse weekend, ride out.


Suggestions for events please contact Chris

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Andy , Vice Pres, Assistant Sec.