Houston Land Rover Club

Alice Mckinney
Andy Scarth
Chris Summers
Donnie Hall
Eric Ruysenaars
Lance Sloan
Sergio Sosa
Merrick Mainster
Robert Downs
Bradley & Britney

The Brazos Valley event was enjoyed by all, sounded like parts of the trail were slightly overgrown with low tree branches catching roof racks. especially Chris`s, problem solved by Code and Kirby, just remove it. Cost of park use was approx. $18 (all dependent on numbers attending). See pictures on website.

The AGM was discussed and will probably be in February 2015 thus not disturbing Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year commitments of members. ixed date and timings will be worked on.  Please feel free to investigate venues and submit suggestions to web site.

 A possible venue plus night out suggestion was:-

The Show boat Drive in Movie, located near Tomball


This venue is cash only and they do not take reservations so we would have to all drive in together, to bag our viewing spots.

More research on this one. Dates, Movie selection, Start times.

Barnwell trail clearing, apparently they have appreciated our efforts for many years past.  Chris has a target date for the 18th October. We may have to negotiate on this date due to location, driving time, camping or sleepover etc.  Chris is working on details.

Big Bend Thanks giving event also mentioned, dates and times, again Chris is looking into this.  Suggestions welcome.

Christmas decorations.  It was suggested we could decorate our Land Rovers with Lights and trimmings and do a drive around.

Please look into this and again if you have suggestions please submit to web site.  First tip.  Walgreens and CVS sell red noses and door mounted Antlers, (like the Collage and Texans flags)

Me and Leslie have put these on our vehicles for the last few years and are cool.  (caution Antlers don`t fair too well at speeds over 50 -60 mph)

Research required on where to purchase 12v lighting!!!!!

Finally a welcome to Bradley and Britney our newest members, lots of tire kicking done around there Discovery, purchased for a mere $2000.  A great bargain.

Lots of hints and tips were banded around.

Thanks again for a good turn out and on behalf of Alice if you can spare any time look into this website.


Andy , Vice Pres, Assistant Sec.