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We all meet up at 8:30 AM at the HEB at 290 and Barker Cypress,  4 trucks:  3 Disco II's and 1 LR3.

Club Members:

Donnie and Elizabeth
Kirby with sons, Maverick and Remington riding shotgun!

We arrived promptly at 10, good to know that it is right at 70 minutes to get BVORR from the meeting location.   After 15 minutes or so of signing up and looking at maps, Kirby led us into the trails. 

With the wet summer we've been having, the trails were very overgrown in spots and a few muddy spots on the lower trails.   Nothing too difficult, just some nice sliding about with no real incidents.   We did have a fun moment when we had to remove Chris' rack to get around a tree on side-angle climb.  It would be good to note that the trails here are quite low.  If you have a rack with any kind of height or especially with things that could catch sliding along a tree, I would recommend removing it for these trails.   My rack has smooth rails, it was no problem (mostly) :-)

We made it back up to the front around 12:30, so Chris and I took the opportunity to head out a little early.   Kirby, Cody and Nick stayed for a bit longer and if they have any tales of trail, i'll add them when i hear about it.

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