Houston Land Rover Club

7:30 P.M. AT JAX
Kirby T. Eric R. Robert D.
Donnie H. Sergio S. Ashli S.
Steve M. Jay R. Ken R.
Chris & Vannie Fluitt  Mark H. Heather & Wes Erskin

Kirby, the President, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. SCARR was held the weekend of April 11 th – 14 th in Gilmer, Texas. Although there was a good turnout, Kirby stated it seemed smaller than usual, possibly because of the storms. There were probably a dozen Land Rovers from the Houston area. Saturday activities were limited, but after the storms ended, Lucky 8 came by with donuts for everyone. The members agreed it was a really fun time and all of the trucks made it back to Houston. Pictures were shared of SCARR.

Sergio reported that several members drove up to Gilmer the weekend of April 26 th – April 28 th . Sergio reported there was a lot of erosion on the trails and they were not in the best shape, but they were dry. Gilmer was not too crowded. Pictures were shared of the Gilmer trip.
Mark reported that prior to SCARR, the organizers tried to organize a trail clearing in Gilmer, but attendance was low.
Kirby announced possible future events:

May 25, 2019: Cheeseburger Loop (dirt roads through the National Forest – all vehicle types);
June 14 th – 16 th , 2019: Second Annual Rusty Rover Run (Padre Island with camping on the
July 20 th , 2019: Camel Trophy Video night at Kirby’s house;
July 13 th – 20 th , 2019: Colorado trip with Ashli, Zander, and Sergio. Everyone is invited;
August 17, 2019: Galveston Beach Run;
September: Skeet shooting/brewery trip;
October 11 th – 13 th , 2019: Overland East and Hill Country Rover Rally at Hidden Falls Adventure
Park, Marble Falls, Texas; and
November 2019: Brazos Valley.

Sergio and Kirby started an Instagram account to save and show photographs. The account is “Houston_Land_Rover_Club.” Heather Erskin found out about HLRC through the new Instagram account.

Donnie is also researching websites where Members can display photographs – possibly Google Photos.
Door prizes were given out and the meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
Minutes recorded by Barbara Jacoby Howell, Secretary.