Houston Land Rover Club

Jay R.

Andy S.

Robert D.

Lance S.

Kirby T.

Barbara H.

Sergio S.

Steve M.

Eric R.

Philip R.



Andy Scarth, the President, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  This meeting included the election of officers.  Introductions were made.

Andy stated that it was important to bring in new members and a discussion followed.  Andy stated that the Central Store and the new AutoNation Land Rover dealership were interested in having the HLRC members display their trucks at the dealerships to present Land Rovers throughout the years.

There was a discussion regarding the website.  It was reported that Donnie has been having problems with the website and is looking for a new server.  Members have not been able to pay their dues through the website.

Sergio reported that the new Land Rovers are light, overland vehicles and are totally different than the older Land Rovers.  Because of the change and the fact that most of the Members are not familiar with the newer Land Rovers, it would be difficult to hold an off-road event.  Instead of the Dealers hosting an “off-road” event, they could do an overland style road trip around a loop called the “Cheeseburger Loop” dubbed by Overland and Adventure motorcycling groups, and possibly make a stop at a winery.

New Officers for 2019 – 2020 were elected:

President:  Kirby T.

Vice President: Philip R.

Events: Andy S.

Treasurer: Lance S.

Membership: Donnie H.

Secretary: Barbara H.


Door prizes were awarded to Kirby and Robert and Andy handed out some Land Rover hats and pens. 


Andy – thank you for your hard work as President over the past few years.  We all really appreciate it.


Meeting adjourned.


Minutes recorded by Barbara Howell, Secretary.