Houston Land Rover Club

Andy, Lance, Robert, Donnie, Jay,  Rene, Kirby, Mark, Sergio & Ashley, Randy

Meeting started prompt after we had all eaten. Thank you

Thanks firstly to Kirby and Mark for bringing pictures and video including Drone video.

Can I have a copy of these so I can present them to members who may not know the area’s.  We can possibly get a trip organized in the new year so our less experienced or those who do not want to do damage to there rovers.

I have to say that you probably will have the occasional scratch on any trail.


Please make open a dropbox directory so I can edit them down.

Thank you all for the toys for tots they will be well received.

Also the sad news of Rob, we will be having a dinner in his memory in the new year.

Also if you wish to buy any of the Garage items call Jennie Grier on 832-683-1880 to arrange a time to see the articles for sale.

Thanks to Paul for keeping us up to date on Robs passing.  He will be sadly missed.

Have a happy Christmas to everybody and we shall all meet up in the new year.