Houston Land Rover Club

Andy, Lance, Robert, Donnie, Jay, Paul, Isela, Andy, Rene, Kirby.

Meeting started prompt after we had all eaten. Thank you

Thanks firstly to Kirby and Isela for bringing iPhone pictures.

If you have pictures and your video and Drone pictures we can connect to Jax’s TV

Quick note of advice.  Use caution when connecting your blue tooth phone to your Landrover Range rover hands free device. Your Radio may do odd things.

Looking into 3rd party Bluetooth box with Isela.

Rene could you give us the contact details of the shop who can work on Special

Addition Rovers with fancy dashboards and wood panel dash’s

It would be nice to add to our database of shops.

With the Hill country rally now gone we had the chance to see Kirby and Isela’s

Pictures and Video’s

With the lights dimmed and drinks in hand we were shown once again great pictures and video’s of the event.  Drone pictures next month

Thanks for the turnout see you next month