Houston Land Rover Club

Once again we had a good turnout. see pictures for attendee`s.
I presented a slide show and video`s from Scarr and Hill country rally from a couple of years ago. Once I managed the technology everything worked well. I have a connector cable for Apple and Android phones so please for next meeting bring your movies and pictures of events to show. 
We had a few new potential members.  Matt and Tracy Ling plus Ralph and his wife who are trying to sell their Series One Land Rover.
I asked if I could get a count on who has used the gift tokens and the 3 prizes from Kwarmy given out at the AGM. So far I have not received any replies.
I will be sending out a reminder email for September meeting with more details.
Food and Drinks again very good and the staff where very friendly as usual.
Thanks again , get your pictures in an album for the club to enjoy.
Andy Scarth