Houston Land Rover Club

Thanks again for a fantastic turnout. Sorry our regular room was double booked but it was pleasant to hold the meeting on the patio deck. We skipped the introductions and invited the new and the old to introduce themselves.  Discussions included my new appointment at Land Rover Central. Kirby's trip to Colorado. If you are interested look at past emails for dates but contact Kirby directly. I shall send an email with more details.  Plus Paul Kelly gave a small discussion on the potential new land for an off road park and horse riding facility for the girls and kids.  I shall hopefully have a slide show of our pictures of the land. Plus pictures of our vehicles on the lot.  We had approximately 10 Land Rovers in parking lot with roof racks been bought and sold.

Thanks again for another great night.  Remember I shall do a slide show next month.  Suggestions welcome for trips out. If we can stand the heat.

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Andy Scarth