Houston Land Rover Club


MONTHLY MEETING – July 3, 2019

7:30 P.M. AT JAX


Paul K.

Robert D.

Jason D.

Sergio S.


Steve M.

Sonja S.


Barbara H.

Clay T.

Wes E.


Heather E.

Silvana P.

Erik P.

Mary M.


Kirby, the President, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.   Introductions were made.  

Sergio and Ashli returned from Colorado and shared some pictures of the trip.  The snow drifts were very high and some of the trails were closed due to heavy snow.  Sergio said there were avalanches and waterfalls everywhere.

On July 20th, Kirby and family hosted the Camel Trophy Party.   Attendance was good and the food was great. Everybody had a great time.

Jason shared pictures of his trip to the Hill Country Rover Rally held in Marble Falls.  A discussion followed about great places to off-road.

Philip invited HLRC members to join him at his hunting spots that he has reserved.  Call Philip if interested.

Donnie pointed out that there is a possible event on the calendar for September 7th.  That is Labor Day weekend.  Kirby stated that he would research possible events for Labor Day Weekend and send out an email to see if anyone is interested.

Heather contributed several really cool door prizes from www.getlost4x4.co.uk.  Thanks to Heather.  Door prizes were drawn.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Minutes recorded by Barbara Jacoby Howell, Secretary.

Andy, Lance, Robert, Kirby, Sergio & , Donnie, Jay

Paul Kelly, Andy & Isela, Chuck and Jenifer, Phil.

Thanks to everyone for the large attendance.  Main topic of conversation and detailed accent by phil on changing out the Clutch and lubrication on Eric's D110 pictures and  video at the 3rd October meeting at Jax;s.  Just before Hill country rally 5-7 October 

Phil is thinking of holding a Monster garage and sales of Disco and

RR Classic.  May be Chris might be interested in joining in to do work on his flooded Disco

Guys try pick a date.

thanks again for a great turnout.  Food and drinks were well received 

and there were plenty of discussions 

Andy Scarth

Meeting Minutes July 11th

Kirby, Chris Summers, Robert Downs, Eric, Randy Diefenthal, Sergio. Andy.

Chris Summers presented a slideshow on Land Rovers in Namibia Africa.

This was a fantastic show by Chris using his photo graphic skills on capturing the

well modified Land Rovers in Africa. I will asking Chris to show the pictures again at a later date.

Kirby also presented a slide show on the recent trip down to Padra Island.  A really well put together slide show.

Kirby and Chris please email me your mailing address so I can send you your Houston zoo tickets.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meeting Minutes 1st Aug

Robert, Andy, Eric, Phillip, jay, Walter.

Small turn out but a brilliant evening.  We had discussions on Turbo Diesel engines by Philip and Eric.  A slideshow on Eric’s d110 Diesel work done by Sergio and Eric.  Also hopefully we should have a show on Eric’s Clutch replacement.

Jay presented the club his problems with his Diesel 2.4 109 series.

Philip gave him reliable phone numbers on Mechanics.

Jay was quoted $8000 to fix his engine by one of our well used mechanics not good.

Jay please email the club on your restoration progress.

Meeting Minutes 6th June 2018

Kirby Tracy, Lance Sloan, Jason Deane, Andy Scarth, Randy Diefenthal, Sergio, Robert Downs, Eric and his wife, Marcello

New or Return Members

Thank you for a really big turnout, the room was nearly to the max.

We had 5 new or returning members with Defenders.

Main focus on meeting was pictures of Nice yellow Series 3 with Defender 90 gril that Marcello is interested in.

The vehicle is at the Rover repair shop in Katy by Mason rd (joel)

Also I connected the iPhone to large tv and showed Mike's pictures of River and beech pictures.  Kirby presented pictures of SCARR

We adjured the meeting at 7:50 to look at the Defenders from new attendee’s.

Pictures can be found on facebook from Lance.

Photo completion 

I have 4 zoo admission tickets for the first to send me Pictures of any events or your servicing of your Landrovers

email to me before next meeting, which may be on the 11th of July not the 4th

Thanks again

Andy Scarth