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I had an incident getting a flat fixed where the mechanic used a 7/8" Standard Socket to remove and reinstall my wheel, instead of the needed 22mm socket.  Luckily for me, he completely tore up one of the nuts and I had to go to Land Rover to pick up a new one.   I say lucky, because otherwise I may not have known that the below happened.

When I went to install the nut, I did so and then decided to check the torque on the other nuts.   To my chagrin, i couldn't fit the 22mm socket onto the nut.  I pulled out the tire tool from the truck and it would not fit either.

After a bit of research,  I discovered that the LR3, and probably others LR trucks, have a stainless steel cap on the Lug Nut. When the wrong size of socket is used, it just doesn't just mess up the edges of the nuts, it can twist the cap and enlarge it.   Mine enlarged to 23mm.   Of course, I didn't have one.  All my metric sets went from 22mm - 24mm.  I understand this happens more frequently with older trucks. 

I returned to the tire shop and they replaced the other damaged lug nuts.  They didn't even have a 23mm,  so I just took the nuts.  Ordered a 23mm and did the work myself.

Moral to this story.  I would take a 22mm socket and check every lug nut on your truck.  You would be screwed if you have a flat and you have any damaged lug nuts.

Socket size for regular nut is 22mm, torque is 103 lbs

I've included a picture:  The one on the left is the damaged nut and socket.  You can see that the damage is not that evident.

LR3 lugs