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RTE Welding & Fabrication - Rock Sliders

If you are like most everyone in our club, you would like to protect the sills of your rig. This Tech Tip provided by John Vegas show us how to add RTE Welding & Fabrication  Rock Sliders to your Disco.

Club Disclaimer:

We are not recommending you use these instructions to install this or any set of rock sliders on your vehicle. My advice is to take your vehicle to an authorized dealer and have the sliders installed by a professional.


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The following is simply a documentary of how the sliders were installed. If you decide to purchase and install rock sliders and end up butchering your car... it's your fault...
Take it to an authorized dealer!

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So first, you need to remove the existing plastic sill covers. Which also means removing the existing mud flaps.

With that out of the way, now its time to jack and clamp the slider into place so you can dill out the first set of holes to which you will then install the riv-nuts.

While drilling, I placed some of the bolts in just to make sure the slider didn't shift during the process.

A few little tips on those riv-nuts: 1-do not over drill you holes, 2-hammer them in lightly, & 3-tighten the bolt slowly giving it a chance to bite in.

So, after you hammer in that set of riv-nuts, its time to re-mount the slider so you can drill more holes.

Now you have to finish drilling the other holes which will go all the way through the sill and also bolt on the under carriage piece. A 12" bit comes in handy for this task so you don't have to remove the rocker another time. I also took the time to hit the newly drilled holes with some primer paint just to help seal the newly exposed metal. Hopefully this will slow down any new rust.

Now it was time to run the bolts and button up the first slider install.

Slider installs complete.

With the old plastic sill covers off, you can see they did not fair too well during some off road adventures.