Houston Land Rover Club

HLRC Mailing List Etiquette

The HLRC mailing list is to discuss club activities and events, members vehicles and modifications and other topics directly related to Land Rovers. It is not a general forum for discussion of politics, religion, lifestyles, etc.


  • Do not blame the Club committee for the behavior of the members! But remember the committee, through the list moderator, has the responsibility and right to control the content of the list.


  • Consider that a large audience will see your posts. Take care in what you write. Remember too, that the mailing list is archived, and that your words may be stored for a very long time in a place to which all members have access.


  • Assume that individuals speak for themselves, and what they say does not represent the club (unless stated explicitly).


  • Messages should be brief and to the point. Don't wander off-topic, don't ramble and don't send mail or post messages solely to point out other people's errors in typing or spelling.


  • Subject lines should follow the thread. If you change the subject of a thread, change the heading!


  • Forgeries and spoofing are not approved behavior.


  • Direct advertising is not welcome on our list, other than offers for sale of member's or others Rovers or parts. Members may point others to specific web sites that offer vehicles, accessories, parts or services of interest to the Club.


  • If you are sending a reply to a message or a posting be sure you summarize the original at the top of the message, or include just enough text of the original to give a context. This will make sure readers understand when they start to read your response. Do not include the entire original!


  • Be sure to have a signature attached to your message.


  • Be careful when you reply to messages or postings. Frequently replies are sent back to the address that originated the post - which in many cases is the address of a list or group! You may accidentally send a personal response to a great many people, embarrassing all involved. It's best to type in the address instead of relying on "reply."

  • Do not forward personal messages you receive to the group: deal with them off-line.


  • If you find a personal message has gone to a list or group, send an apology to the person and to the group.


  • If you should find yourself in a disagreement with one person, make your responses to each other via mail rather than continue to send messages to the list or the group. If you are debating a point on which the group might have some interest, you may summarize for them later.


  • Don't get involved in flame wars. Neither post, nor respond to, incendiary material.